TOP 10 Buffet Restaurants in Brisbane

Do you love having plenty of dishes to choose from when it comes to eating out? Then the buffet restaurants in Brisbane should be to your liking, where you are served a variety of the most delicious hot or cold fare. These buffet restaurants add to the charm of Brisbane which is known for its vibrant food culture, fine dining eateries and hip cafes.

Before you indulge your taste buds with the ten best buffet restaurants in Brisbane, here are some facts about what buffets consist of so you know what to expect.

What Is A Buffet

In a buffet style, you pay a fixed amount and can serve and eat as many items as you want. Most restaurants have a long table of dishes where they safely display food, and you can choose the quantity and dishes you want to eat. Some restaurants now also use smaller stations dedicated to certain parts of the meal, like a salad station and a dessert station.

The chefs cook the dishes in bulk, and the servers can refill the dishes or even help you serve your items. These buffets are perfect for birthdays and weddings, where guests can choose and serve their food.

Food Safety Standards Of Buffets

Given the COVID-19 pandemic, buffet restaurants in Brisbane exercise extra precautions when handling and preparing food to meet all food safety standards. This is also necessary to prevent food-borne illnesses and contamination.

Restaurants must also ensure that all high-risk items, like dairy, fish, meat etc., are kept out of the temperature danger zone range from 5°C – 60°C. These temperatures can damage the food and help spread bacteria and viruses, so foods must be kept in hot or cold stations to keep them fresh.

Now that you understand what buffets are, here are some of Brisbane’s top ten buffet restaurants for you to choose from.

Top 10 Buffet Restaurants In Brisbane

  1. Ariala Kippa-Ring: Mouthwatering Mediterranean Buffets

If you enjoy relishing delicious local fresh dishes, you will enjoy the mouthwatering buffets at the Ariala Kippa Ring restaurant in Brisbane. Located at Anzac Avenue, this family-friendly restaurant has a variety of Mediterranean and Western dishes to choose from. Savour tasty seafood dishes, salads, pasta, stir-fried items, steak and homemade desserts at this vibrant buffet restaurant in Brisbane!

2. Ling Lings: Endless Fried Chicken Wings

Due to the rising popularity of Asian cuisine in Brisbane, there has been a growth of a variety of Asian restaurants in this city in Queensland, Australia. One such restaurant is the Korean franchise Ling Lings in Fortitude Valley, which serves a variety of delicious Korean fare. The best part is that there is a buffet of spicy and tangy fried chicken wings in three flavours and bottomless fries you can indulge in every Thursday!

3. La Costa Restaurant & Bar: Variety Of Pizza And Gnocchi!

Get a taste of Italy in Brisbane at the La Costa Restaurant in Fortitude Valley, where you can eat delicious pizzas, pasta and gnocchi! You can also head here every Wednesday for an all-you-can-eat buffet of five pizzas and three gnocchi varieties, along with Aperols and Negronis drinks. Some must-try dishes here include walnut gnocchi and Spanish chorizo pizza.  

If you love eating a variety of delicious pizzas, here are some options to eat the best pizza in Brisbane.

4. Mucho Mexicano: Unlimited Tacos and Nachos!

You can party in Mucho style at the Mucho Mexicano restaurant on Stanley St in South Brisbane. You can enjoy unlimited tacos on Tuesday nights and a buffet of nachos on Wednesdays here. Spice up your weekdays with these tasty chorizo and pork belly tacos or nachos with homemade guacamole for $49.

5. Navala Churrascaria: Brazilian Meat Flavours!

Enjoy a meat-filled buffet at the Navala Churrascaria restaurant on Eagle Street, where you try different kinds of Brazilian skewered meat. You can taste a variety of barbecued pork, lamb, chicken and sausages fresh from the wood and charcoal pits whilst enjoying the view of the Brisbane harbour.

6. Shabuhouse: Fresh Sushi and Spicy Hotpot!

Delve into delicious sushi platters and authentic hot pot at the Shabu House restaurant on Mary street. This authentic Japanese buffet restaurant in Brisbane lets you make your hot pot with chicken or vegetables and tempura fish, chicken wings and takoyaki.

7. Govinda’s Brisbane: A Vegetarian Delight!

If you enjoy vegetarian Indian dishes that give you a feeling of warmth and comfort, then you should head to Govinda’s Brisbane. With over twenty years of serving people on George Street, this restaurant offers delicious buffets filled with vegetarian delights like vegetable curries, Jasmine rice, koftas, fruit pudding, salads and more!

8. Suzette Buffet: All-Day Breakfast Treats!

Enjoy fresh croissants, handmade omelettes, granola bars, fruits and more at the all-day breakfast buffet at Suzette! This restaurant is located in the Sofitel Brisbane Central hotel on Turbot Street and offers tasty treats like Australian cheese and bread throughout the day!

9. Buffalo Bar: Gorge on American Buffalo Wings

Located on Mary Street, Buffalo Bar is a classic American-style pub where the Wednesday buffet is a delight to the eyes. You can gorge on delicious crispy fried buffalo chicken wings for $12 for half a kilogram or 419 for one kilogram. Wash this down with your favourite beer or wine to enjoy the perfect midweek bonanza!

10. Seoul Bistro: Flavourful Japanese & Korean Chicken

To enjoy ten different flavours of Korean and Japanese-style chicken wings, you should head to the Seoul Bistro on Turton Street. From peri-peri to honey soy and sour cream and chives flavours, you can go on a gastronomic journey at this all-you-can-eat buffet!

Wrapping Up

You can delight your taste buds at the wide variety of buffet restaurants in Brisbane given above. Eat till you drop and enjoy delicious chicken wings in different flavours, gorge on vegetarian fare or taste varieties of pizzas at these buffet restaurants where you can keep returning for more!