Best Restaurants in Brisbane With Stunning View

Brisbane is a gorgeous, busy, and lively riverside city. There are some great places to visit, including the historical landmarks. This city often gets a lot of tourists, and it welcomes them. Many people often make visits to Brisbane multiple times a year. This is because there are so many things to do in this city. You cannot do all of them in just one trip.

Plus, since individuals and families enjoy their time, they always want to keep coming back. Brisbane has something to offer for everyone whether it is tourists or the local people. This includes offering some great food alongside beautiful views. If you are into that, this article will help you a lot. Here are the best restaurants in Brisbane with exceptional views.

1. Bar Spritz

Brisbane has plenty of iconic landmarks all around the city. One of them is the Kangaroo Point Cliffs. It is so beautiful that you would not want to miss the climb as well as the view from the top. But you have the option of enjoying such cliff-top views from a restaurant known as “Bar Spritz”. As for the menu, it is quite casual since it includes schnitzels, breakfast, salads, and pasta. When you are dining, enjoy the pleasant views below over the running Brisbane River. You will also be able to see the lush botanic gardens, as well as a sea of skyscrapers.

2. Watt

Situated very close to the New Farm Park’s greenery and the banks of the river, Watt is one of the best restaurant options you can have for a pleasant dinner with a pleasant view. This is because there are astonishing vistas over the well-known river and across to Hawthorne, which is on the other side. Regardless of whether you want to dine inside the stylish restaurant or outside on the superb terrace, the views you will get when you are consuming a famous dish will be nothing short of exceptional.

3. Customs House

The Custom House has everything any person would want. This is because it has gorgeous Victorian architecture, perfect food, and, most importantly, magnificent views over the Brisbane River and across the well-known Story Bridge. The building’s exceptional a la carte restaurant, Patina, is one of the most perfect places to dine, regardless of whether you do so indoors or outdoors. You can enjoy the pleasant view of the twinkling lights. You have the option of making your way to Customs House for either a perfect lunch or just an afternoon tea. There will also be food options like sandwiches and beautiful cakes.

4. Eagle Street Pier

In case, you are not sure what you would like to consume, make your way to the Eagle Street Pier. This is because this place has a range of restaurants to choose from with a beautiful view. The exceptional waterfront precinct provides scenic vistas across the river. There is also the story bridge along with a skyscraper-ruled skyline. This place is no short of food options, so you can easily take a look at the menu and choose anything that interests you. These are healthy options if you are looking to manage your weight.

Wrapping Up

There is no doubt that Brisbane has plenty of great restaurants with delicious food. Apart from food, you will also find some great views from such places. The restaurants mentioned in this article are perfect if you would like to enjoy a great view while eating tasty dishes.