10 Best Restaurants in Brisbane To Treat You In Aussie Style

When in Rome, do as the roman do, is a popular saying and it applies to eating out as well. When you are in Brisbane, eat the food the local enjoy which is Modern Australian cuisine also known as Mod Oz. Brisbane is the perfect place for a foodie because it has thousands of restaurants offering delicious dishes from different cuisines. But, over the years, more and more restaurants owners are sourcing local ingredients to serve contemporary Australian food which is flavourful, soulful and extraordinary.

Thus, if you are in the capital of Queensland, here is your Brisbane restaurant guide to help your find the best places to treat yourself with Australian food. Have a look.

  1. Neesh Bar, East Brisbane

Request a booking at the Neesh Bar if you really want to tingle your taste buds with modern Australian Cuisine in Brisbane. You can have breaky here or the best lunch with near and dear one. What’s more, you have sip a cuppa of coffee, delicious wines or other cooling beverages to accompany the good food.

2. Signature, South Bank

Known for using quality local ingredients, Signature is a must visit modern Australian restaurant in Brisbane. This place is reckoned for fine dining, its finesses, evolving dishes and passion for food. If you visit the restaurant, do try the Wagyu sirloin, oyster sabayon, yoghurt panna cotta and other creations.

3. Persone Bar & Restaurant, Brisbane CBD

Located on the city’s bustling central business district, this restaurant guarantees a great food experience. You must order the best known dish the Bistecca alla Fiorentina. What’s more, you can also enjoy beef, pork and fennel polpette, Wagyu beef carpaccio and host pastas.

4. @ The Jetty Bribie, Bribie Island

The name gives away the Australianness of the place and you will definitely find a host of delicious and hygienically-prepared dishes to give you the best taste of Modern Australian cuisine here. If you visit, try the rocket and caramelised onion salad, Crispy skinned salmon, chilli plum prawns, bacon-wrapped scallops and Cajun fish.

5. Deer Duck Bistro, Auchenflower

The Confit duck leg ravioli of this restaurant is to die for. This place is vibe with plush furnishings, mood ambience and warm lighting. You can order dishes made with premium ingredients like cuttlefish, sticky pork ribs, bee pollen etc.

6. Vege Rama, Brisbane City

Finding vegetarian options in a city that loves its sea food and meat dishes is challenging. However, Brisbane has something to offer for everyone. Thus, if you want to enjoy delicious vegetarian meals, Visit Vege Rama that also serves vegan food.   

7. Urbane Restaurant, Brisbane City

Want to try some creative dishes? Urbane is known for its experimental cooking and different dishes. The place has a friendly staff with a cosy vibe, making it suitable to enjoy a quiet meal with your partner or family. The restaurants seven course menu is a must try.

8. The Wolfe, East Brisbane

Reckoned its roasted chicken and the best Australian Wines, The Wolfe is a must visit resultant in Brisbane for Modern Australian food. It has a great assortment of chicken dishes that go extremely well with the wines. What’s more, the presentation of the dishes is unique, making the dishes a treat for your eyes and tastebuds.

9. Aria Restaurant, Brisbane City

Craving delicious steak and delicious desserts? Visit Aria Restaurant in the city and upscale place offering classy and elegant dishes made with quality ingredients. The steak here is succulent, well made and excellently presented. Additionally, after a wholesome meal, you can get a delicious dessert to sooth your sweet tooth.

10. Gather and Feast

As the restaurant’s name suggests, this place is suitable for having a grand feast with hashbrowns, peached eggs, smoked salmon, Spaniard, Manchego or other wonderful dishes. The place also has a great assortment of beverages and sauces.

Wrapping Up

If you are in Brisbane, it is the best opportunity to enjoy food that speaks to your soul. Thus, make sure to visit the restaurants mentioned above to enjoy some of the most delicious Modern Australian food in Brisbane. Depending on your mood and appetite, you can enjoy a whole meal or have something light to fill your stomach but not overload your senses.