Popularity of Asian Cuisine in Brisbane

In most of the Asian countries, food is represented as a part of their culture and traditions. That is the reason why many Asians who decide to migrate to Australia and other countries also bring their authentic food recipes. They made sure that the Asian cuisine will be readily available in the different parts of the country, including the Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, etc.

There are plenty of Asian restaurants around Brisbane itself where you can tickle your taste buds with the spicy, tangy and sweet flavours of Asian cuisine. From Chinese to Japanese, Thai to Indian, Brisbane offers a variety of Asian eats that are popular and serves the most traditional cuisines.

Reasons why Asian Cuisine is Popular

The popularity of Asian cuisine is increasing massively across the world. One of the key reasons is that the new generation is looking for fresh food to taste and experience. In fact, some of the new-age eaters in Brisbane, Queensland are looking beyond the usual burgers and pizza to satisfy their hunger pangs. Instead of feeding conventional fast food, they are now turning to regional cuisines, such as Asian food.

Another reason is the growing number of Asian immigrants in the Brisbane. Apart from being a populous city in the country, Brisbane also hosts some of the world class institutions and colleges that is enough to attract students from overseas including Asia. With the growing percentage of their existence, the demand for Asian food in Brisbane has been increasing with each passing day.

In fact, you can also open a restaurant or café business in Brisbane to serve Asian food if you want to take your business to the new height of success.

Tips to Start a Restaurants or Cafe Business in Brisbane

Top Asian Eats in Brisbane 2018

Junk Boat

Location: Little Stanley Street, South Bank

Official Website: http://www.junkboat.com.au/

Junk Boat brings the most authentic Asian flavours to the South Bank. The restaurant serves the city’s best South-East Asian cuisine, including dumplings, chicken wings, delicious bao and crispy pork belly.

A team of chefs at Junk Boat take care of the fresh and traditional taste of Asian food with some innovation. If you want to enjoy South-East Asian cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere, must visit South Bank’s Junk Boat.

Chu the Phat

Location: South Brisbane

Official Website: http://chuthephat.com.au/

The Chu The Phat is a beautiful, well-designed and contemporary restaurant and bar in the South Brisbane that pride itself in serving the real flavours of Hong-Kong, Taiwan and Korea’s street food.

With traditional menu items including chicken and mushroom dumplings, steamed duck buns and barramundi, the Chu The Phat is all set to delight your cravings for Asian street food.

Madame Wu

Location: Brisbane Central Business District

Office Website: https://www.madamewu.com.au/

Madame Wu is an elegant, classy and exclusive restaurant and bar – suited to those who desire for the exotic Asian cuisine. When you taste the Moreton Bay Bug-stuffed dumplings, you can literally experience the tantalising flavours of traditional Asian food.

When it comes to the interior design, no Asian restaurant in CBD can beat Madame Wu. From the shadowy lighting features to delicate silhouettes, everything sets the atmosphere for fine dining.


The authenticity and popularity of Asian cuisine have struck a chord among the next generation of eaters in Brisbane, Queensland. If you have an urge for spicy, juicy and lip-smacking Asian food, then explore these restaurants and experience the finest dining.