7 Famous Dishes You Must Try In Brisbane

Did you know that Brisbane is home to over 6000 restaurants and cafes? This city is fast earning its name as a foodie’s paradise as it has a multitude of cuisines as well as its own unique cuisine. This unique cuisine is inspired by mainstream Australian and Asian, American and European dishes.

The food in Brisbane is also of good quality as the ingredients are all fresh due to the tropical weather in northern Queensland. This ensures that you get proper nutrition and maintain good health when you stay in or visit Brisbane. Here are seven iconic dishes that you must try in brisbane:

  1. Lamingtons

Lamingtons are one of the most iconic treats in Brisbane, as it is a delicious dessert. This dessert consists of a sponge cake or butter cake dipped in chocolate sauce and garnished with coconut icing. The story behind this cake is that Lord Lamington, the eighth Governor of this region, had a favourite sponge cake.

His maid once accidentally dropped this cake in melted chocolate, and Lamington told her to spread coconut on it so it wouldn’t be messy to eat. This mistake soon became an iconic favourite in Queensland, with millions of tourists coming here mainly to try it out.

  1. Barbecue Snags

Another tasty dish you must try in Brisbane is the barbeque snag. These are pork or beef sausages grilled or barbequed with salt, garlic and onions. You will typically find it at most Australian barbeque parties, and it is served with a hot dog bun, mashed potatoes, hot sauce, tomato sauce, mustard and salads. You can also experiment with new gourmet flavours like beef and red wine, chicken and cheese, lamb and rosemary at popular takeaway restaurants and cafes in Brisbane.

  1. Chiko Rolls

Did you know that 40 million Chiko rolls were sold in Australia in the 1960s and 1970s? Frank McEnroe created these delicious rolls as a tasty snack that would be easy to hold at football games. The Chiko Roll was inspired by the Chinese egg roll made by Chinese- Australians. A Chiko roll consists of a mixture of cabbage, boned mutton, barley, carrots, celery, rice and spices wrapped with flour and egg dough. This is then deep fried until golden and served at most beachside restaurants and kiosks in Brisbane.

  1. Dagwood Dog

One of Brisbane’s tastiest fast food dishes is the Dagwood Dog, a hot dog sausage that is deep fried in batter. You will find this delicious fried food at significant festivals like Australia Day. This dish is named after a character in the American comic Blondie in 1930. The exciting thing is that Dagwood Dog is known by different names in different parts of Australia, and in some places, it is called Pluto pup or Dippy dog.

  1. Musk Stick

The Must stick is one of Australia’s most widely debated confectionery items. On the one hand, it reminds you of your childhood days with its sweet candy flavour, but on the other, you are left with a perfume-like taste in your mouth. Love it or hate it, this dish is very famous in Brisban cuisine, and you must try it at least once. These soft and powdery pink cylinders are made from gelatin, icing sugar and musk essence. You will instantly get a flavour of musk perfume when you consume this stick.

  1. Iced VoVo

If you want to try a light but delicious biscuit in Brisbane, you must try the Iced Volvo. This biscuit is made from wheat flour and is topped with pink fondant on each side. The middle of the biscuit has thin strips of coconut and raspberry jam. The Australian biscuit company Arnott’s first created these delicious biscuits in 1906. These biscuits grew in popularity after the Prime Minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd, mentioned them in his election speech and have become one of Brisbane’s most popular items.

  1. Pikelets

If you are a breakfast person, you must try the Australian pancake dish pikelet. It is made from yeast, flour, eggs and milk and is much thicker in size than regular pancakes. You can enjoy these delicious pancakes with butter, syrup or some fruits.


You will be in food heaven after enjoying these seven famous dishes of Brisbane and will be left licking your fingers. From pastries to biscuits, main dishes and food fingers, there is something for everyone here. You can also find more such dishes in restaurants and cafes across Brisbane by visiting The Wolf East site.